Teen Investment Hour Weekly

  • Investment Fundamental Concepts (~25 min)

  • Financial Market Major Events (~25 min)

  • Quiz, Q&A (~10 min)









Investment Professional from Berkeley Hass

Zoom Online Classsroom with offline replay capability

Every Monday 6-7pm PST

Those interested in business, finance, and investment learning. It's also recommended prep class for KWHS Wharton High School Student Investment Competition


In this Investment Hour: an Intro to Investing class, we will be taking a deeper dive into important current events in financial markets, using real-life tangible examples to demonstrate integral financial and economic concepts with the goal of becoming an intelligent investor. the class will touch o recent news items such as <&A activity, macroeconomic policy changes and earnings releases for prominent companies, and their resulting implications.

Market Update examples:

  • Why Spotify "went public" without using a banker of diluting current shareholders?

  • The trade war with China impacting prices of certain goods

  • Ways to take advantage of market swings caused by political swings

Investment Fundamentals examples:

  • What is a stock? Why do we invest in them? What informs stock prices?

  • Other types of investments - Debt vs. equity

  • Risk tolerance; Diversification

  • Competitive advantage