About Us


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Jay Feng

Founder and CEO

Graduated with PhD in computer science from Northwestern, Jay was co-inventor and co- founder of HyperLOCK and Commerce Information. He has founded Palo Alto Education to invite the most experienced mentors from top universities to ignite the passion of the next generation.

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Ling Feng

Managing Director

Former Director of Finance & Operation in a Fortune 500 company. Co-founder of Addup Capital. Board Member of Neighbor’s Abroad of Palo Alto. MS and BS in Computer Science and Finance.

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Margaret Chai Maloney

Executive Director

Margaret Chai Maloney is a communications strategy executive who has represented global companies and brands as well as successful startups. As a Seven Sister graduate with 3 daughters, she is most passionate about promoting female education and leadership. She enriches the Silicon Valley community by connecting individuals and companies to prominent leaders globally.She graduated from the University of Oxford and Mount Holyoke College.


Marcelo Clerici-Arias

ABD in Economics, Director of Economics Honors Program, Stanford University. Worked in 1996- 1997 as Assistant Professor at the Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina and from 1998 to 2001 as Associate Director of the Introductory Economics Center at Stanford University. His main research areas are game theory, computational economics, and teaching and learning.

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Professor Halpern

Taught Mathematics at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. After leaving academia he has worked as an Engineer/Scientist in Silicon Valley, on computer graphics, CAD, macro molecule 3D modeling, biotechnology algorithm development and machine learning, and software innovation for multivariate analysis.

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Professor Wu

Graduated from Nanjing University, Professor Wu continued his study in Bath UK and has worked in UNESCO Paris. He later visited and taught in several American universities as well as Macau University of Science and Technology. He taught both undergraduate and graduate programs. He was the Chairman of English Dept, Chairman of the Department of International Business Communications, School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing University, China. He is also an author and translator of multiple books. He has won numerous teaching awards in Nanjing University, Jiangsu province and in China.


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BS in Economics Berkeley. Part of Berkeley Investment Group since 2014 and the latest as the president of the group. Jay has worked with private equity firms Spano Barber Jesse & Co and Acceleration Resources, Venture Capital Industry Ventures, as as well as Investment Banking Moelis & Company. He’s currently working with Google Ventures.

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His key interests include basic psychological and philosophical orientations. He first started studying psychology over 10 years ago, and as an undergraduate, served as a teaching assistant for eight different courses covering neurobiology, ethics, positive psychology, and human behavioral biology. After graduating, he served as a Course Associate for the Human Biology Program of Stanford University.

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning & reinforcement learning researcher, CSCI Undergrad. Founder of a video production company. Working toward a master degree in data science from St. John’s.